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Who are we?

We are a group of leading international environmental, development and communication specialists.

Our staff are excellent communicators with the necessary skills to work with varying stakeholders. We have worked in environments that range from multilateral UN conventions to small rural and indigenous communities. We all share a passion for telling the right story in the right way to inspire action and enduring change.

But we are a small firm, and we are regularly offered far more work than we can handle. We don’t want to grow huge – personal relationships and trust are at the core of our work (95% of which comes from referrals or repeat customers). This website is therefore pretty minimal, as when it was big and detailed we had to disappoint customers by turning them away. So if you are here, it’s because you must really want to talk to us! In that case, we’d love to meet you, and if you get in touch we will send you any additional resources you might need to get to know us better. 

Charity work:

As a boutique consulting firm with strong commitment to environmental sustainability, we can offer substantial discounts to non-profit organisations focussing on environmental protection, particularly where they can demonstrate that saved funds will be used to directly assist people in need. Contact us with details if you’d like us to consider your proposal under our annual charity program. 

Our clients include: