About the Director

Kirsty Galloway McLean is a specialist in biodiversity, biosafety, sustainable development and knowledge management. She founded BioChimera after many years with the United Nations providing high-level international policy advice, where she was the chief architect behind the UN's Biosafety Clearing-House – the first mandatory Internet-based information-exchange mechanism used under international law, sharing information about GMOs under the Convention on Biological Diversity and the Biosafety Protocol. She is currently a Fellow with the United Nations University - Institute of Advanced Studies, working on biodiplomacy and establishment of the Traditional Knowledge Institute in Australia.

In academia, Kirsty was the Executive Manager of the Centre for the Mind (Institute of Advanced Studies, Australian National University) in the late 90s – CFM was established as a catalyst for interdisciplinary research into the mind, and worked to promote excitement about the power of ideas in the community. She has also worked with the Australian government as a senior science and innovation policy advisor, and as a technical advisor and risk assessor with the Genetic Manipulation Advisory Committee.

Kirsty has degrees in Science (specializing in virology and genetics on a medical science scholarship), and Arts (majoring in cross-cultural communication and linguistics) from the Australian National University. She is an experienced communicator, with a diploma in journalism and many years membership on editorial boards (currently editor of the UNU's Traditional Knowledge Bulletin), and gives regular presentations and seminars to international audiences, as well as various national and regional events.

Charity work

As a boutique consulting firm with strong commitment to environmental sustainability, we can offer substantial discounts to non-profit organisations focussing on environmental protection where they can demonstrate that saved funds will be used to directly assist people in need. In addition, BioChimera contributes a percentage of annual company profits and staff time towards production and distribution of freely accessible capacity-building materials around the globe. Please contact us with details if you would like us to consider your proposal under our annual charity programme.